Pure pH Balancer

Skin pHix Pure pH Balancer is our color-free, fragrance-free formula that is perfect for even very sensitive skin, but suitable for all skin types. 

Harmony pH Balancer

Skin pHix Harmony pH Balancer targets oily, congested skin, and equalizes oil production that can lead to breakouts and blackheads. 

Supple pH Balancer

Skin pHix Supple pH Balancer works wonders on all skin types but especially environmentally stressed, mature, or dull skin.

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Our Skin pHix Toners Are The Best!

At Champagnesia, we believe skincare products should actually do something.  How many times have you spent money on products and never see any visible results? Nothing is more frustrating than to buy into hype and clever marketing, then to be disappointed at lackluster results.  Skincare is a science, not a “philosophy.”  Our cosmeceutical-grade products are full of peptides, botanical stem cells from grapes and roses, gentle acids, and other skin-nourishing ingredients that bring about visible, gorgeous results. Our products are made in small batches, not in huge, mass-produced quantities that sit on shelves and in warehouses. Experience the difference in your skin when you use our products that actually do something! 

All Vegan Formulas

At Champagnesia, we believe skincare products should actually do something. So ours do! Our cosmeceutical grade (meaning active ingredients such as peptides, flower stem cells, and AHAs) will bring about visible results. 

Paraben-Free, Natural Ingredients

Champagnesia’s pH-balanced products work to ensure your skin is in the best condition it can be.  Whether you wear makeup or not, your skin will look healthy, even-toned, and GLOWING!

100% Recycled Shipping Supplies

To mitigate our use of plastics in our packaging, Champagnesia  has committed to using only recycled, 100% post-consumer waste shipping supplies through EcoEnclose, the industry leader.

This Is Us




Our toners are the best! Don’t skip this important step in your regimen! Toner removes residue left from cleansers and bad stuff in tap water, and resets the pH of your skin. This ensures better results from the rest of your skincare and makeup routine. 



Wash, double-tone, exfoliate and moisturize. It doesn’t take a dozen steps or products to have gorgeous skin. In fact, less is more.



Beauty starts within.  Consuming plenty of plain water throughout the day is the best home remedy for beautiful skin.  So many skip this simple step to glowing skin. Drink your water!

We Specialize In Healthy, Glowing Skin!

The two most common skin complaints are acne and premature aging. We’ve got you covered.

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