At Champagnesia, we believe skincare products should actually do something.  So ours do! 

Our cosmeceutical grade (meaning active ingredients such as peptides, flower stem cells, and AHAs) will bring about visible results. Skincare shouldn’t be complicated or confusing; it just needs to work.  Champagnesia’s pH-balanced products work to ensure your skin is in the best condition it can be.  Whether you wear makeup or not, your skin will look healthy, even-toned, and GLOWING!


 Real-world users have reported:


After only one application of aGlow at bedtime, active acne was visually less red and angry the next morning, well on its way to healing.

After seven days...

of daily use of aGlow, acne was lessened and healing, with zero annoying redness, peeling, and flaking.

Fewer Breakouts

After 14 days of continued use of aGlow, users reported fewer breakouts, fewer new acne lesions, and glowing skin.

After 21 days...

skin tone looks more even, and dark marks have begun to fade; makeup looks better on skin, as it’s smoother, clearer, and more healthy-looking.

We Have One Earth

Champagnesia cares about the environment and our impact on it.  We use a variety of materials for our packaging, including glass and plastic. 

To mitigate our use of plastics in our packaging, Champagnesia  has committed to using only recycled, 100% post-consumer waste shipping supplies through EcoEnclose, the industry leader. (@ecoenclose) All of the shipping components are recyclable, including the shipping labels!

Bunny Approved!

Vegan Formulas!

Natural Ingredients!

100% Recycled Shipping Supplies!


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