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We are so excited to introduce Alexis!  She works at my boyfriend’s company as the receptionist and she’s the sweetest, kindest person you could ever meet.  She is getting married the first weekend of November and has been struggling with hormonal acne.  “I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked… until now!” is what she told me this morning.  She said she’s been very upset thinking of her upcoming wedding date, and having to take photos with her skin broken out.

I met with her Friday, October 11 for a consultation. I asked her to describe her current regimen, and she relayed she washes with Cetaphil, followed by Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Chamomile And Lavender, and then applies Differin Gel.  She said her face has been very dry, flaky, red, and still breaking out, and that the Differin has not worked for her.

We picked two Skin pHix pH Balancers for her double-toning: Radiant as the first step, followed by Therapeutic as the second step.  I instructed her to continue with the Cetaphil as her cleanser, and to avoid any harsh cleansers made for acne.  In the evenings, after cleansing and double-toning, she applies one pump of aGlow.  Each morning, after cleansing and toning, she uses Rich.

She started her new regimen on a Friday night.  She sent me pictures of her skin Saturday and Sunday.  When I spoke to her Monday morning, she reported that her skin felt and looked smoother, that she had no flakiness or irritation, and that her face looked less red and inflamed.  Most importantly, though, SHE HAD NO NEW BREAKOUTS!!

The “after” pictures are after using aGlow for only four nights, and Rich four mornings. We will continue to track her progress and upload pictures.  I was going to wait until seven nights of use, but I was too excited to wait!  She told me this morning, (Tuesday, October 15, 2019) that she is so happy and thankful, and that she finally has some hope.  Her acne is well on its way to healing, and NO NEW BREAKOUTS!

Please stay tuned for more pics to come!  I will post more at seven days, 14 days, and right before her wedding. These are unedited, taken with my Nikon camera in my office with not the best light!


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